3. Three experiments

(For the question of energy-information influences and interactions)


“Madmen don’t understand whole terrible danger, which they are exposed, when permit astral substances to penetrate in their aura!”  /Helena.I.Rerikh./


«Let’s be more daring. This theme puts many exciting and fundamental questions. If energy and information are connected between them, why we have only one physics, physics of energy? And where is physics of information? If it’s possible to use old theory of magic in this case?..»   /Jacque Vallee. Parallel world /


«Existing of mental disease of field nature, which is such as malefice and hoodoo, is disclaimed by neglect of energy-information, field reality ».    /Stacenko A.N. New paradigm /


From practice of bio-energetic research with using of kirlian-photography it’s known that any crippling of light corona of researched fingers says about problems of bio-energetic situation of this man. Of course, this statement is rightful only at appointed, optimal parameters of equipment and at exactly regulated system of whole technical process and, strictly speaking, it is related to a momentary state of energy. However, the practice shows that mostly crippling is enough stable and is connected with pathological process and/or morphological exchanging in organism. This fact gives a possibility to realize enough exact estimation of human’s bio-energetic system state. Moreover, sufficiently competent researchers with certain medical knowledge can give presumable diagnose. But such diagnostic prosperity based only on kirlian-image analysis is not guaranteed always.

A number of anomalous energetic emergencies was disclosed with the help of monopulse plasmagraphy. These emergencies include emergencies, which  are developed as typical specific depression of light corona, which is not conditioned by physiological disease directly. Above there is the example of such depression (photo 9), and there is suggestion about presence of some heterogenous “phantom” substation, field nature. In such cases, any considerations about energy state except its depression and blockage, and especially about health state are not well-grounded and consequently premature.

A fact of registration of heterogenous presence, which interact with our energetics, says that it isn’t “cloudless” and “sterile cleanly” in ambient energy-information space. Moreover many experiments obviously and earnestly confirm negative influence (of these alien substances) on bio-energetic system of man. And it produces enough valid anxiety about ecology of energy-information space of man.

In this chapter we attend phenomenon of such called “phantom” substation, whose presence is registered on field level.



On photographs that phenomenon is developed very differently: from slight, minimum perceptible thin coating (photo 14a) to thicker “cloud” (photo 14b) and so in the view of “thick”, local formations, which emit own streamers (photos 14c,14d). At this it’s important to note that its are registered on underside of used bilateral roentgen film. This fact attracts our attention, because it says about development of phenomenon on field level or, as is a convention to say now, on energy-information level.

To explain this statement let’s consider with more details the following example (photo15). This photo is negative image. To demonstrate the example we take a fragment of the previous photo (photo 14c).

We know that if X-ray film is developed in standard way all its non-spoiled parts become transparent after development (photo 15a). But in case of some deviation from standard development technology – simply to refuse from film fixation – it stays non-transparent as before development. This fact gives a possibility to consider separately and without any difficult and to scan image of light crown on face of the film (photo 15b) and image of light on the back part of the film, i.e. those which are developed distantly, on field level (photo 15c).



It was determined experimentally that in some cases cleaning of bioenergetics from heterogenous, “phantom” substation (photo 15c) is realized quickly, sometimes at once after the first photography (from influence of electric field of exciting impulses), and light corona is settled into accordance with physiological state. But practice shows that one impulse is enough not always.

Beside, probably, in connection with this circumstance, some users of multi-impulse regime recommend to use exposure time not less 0.1-0.8 seconds (4). However it is necessary to know and to remember that during this time (0.1 – 0.8 sec.) bio-energetic situation can be fundamentally exchanged, it will be exchanged so many times as many exciting impulses. According to Korotkov it is from 30 recommended impulses up to 500 impulses per each finger photographed with apparatus “Crown-TV” (5). After such active stimulation on the photo we can see enough satisfactory and even good state of energetics on the photo, but at the same time we can not suspect that it was depressed by presence of heterogenous “energetic parasites” only moment ago. And it can be fairly often, but cleaning is realized so quickly and easy not always.

In other cases for normalization of energetic situation it is necessary to realize special directed intensive bio-energetic rehabilitation.

Let’s consider a concrete example.

Young man, 20 yeas old, athletic constitution, without pernicious habits, actively and purposefully indulges in sport (body-building). A one word - an athlete. He has not a problem with health. So he has not any diagnose. So… only some suppositions. He has not addressed to doctors. And if it can not be seriously: a fear, a sleeplessness, an internal nervousness?..

And now let’s see plasmagraphic “picture” of his energetics (photo 16 a). Light corona is fully absent. It has confirmed validity of his nervousness. Really, there are reasons to suggest that his energetic channels are really blocked, fully “stuffed” by some invisible heterogenous substation.



After the first procedure of bio-energetic rehabilitation there weren’t any exchanges. After the second procedure, we can see, reaction of excitation of heterogenous substation in the view of specific light is developed in plasmagraphic control, this light is registered on underside of film (photo 16b). However here aren’t streamers of surface discharge, which are characteristic of opening of bio-energetic channels.

After the third stimulation the first streamers of incipient corona appear (photo 16c).

Some more procedures – and rehabilitation is finished. Energetics is “started up” (photo 16d).

Now we open small secret. This young man didn’t address to us enough himself. Initiative belonged to his grandmother. However, she has diagnosed him herself – her “grandmother’s diagnose”, which was short but concrete: malefice! What it is – everyone knows… except official science.

As researched men said this heterogenous presence don’t stimulate some concrete sensation. Moreover, majority of them don’t feel great exchanges at once after bio-energetic rehabilitation. But later, as a rule, everyone notes increasing of a tonus, improvement of a sleep and general health. It is enough obviously that in such cases it’s better to be guided by data of equipment testing, but not personal, subjective estimations. However, this statement is validity for all estimations, when it is a question of man’s health.

It is not secret for somebody that in our organism there are many processes, which remain outside of our sensations, example, such as digestion, heat regulation, hematosis… Hardly anybody can estimate blood characteristics (hemoglobin, erythrocytes or even its general  quantity) and estimate its exchanges in any side under personal, subjective sensations. These components of health are practically outside of our perception. Only it is pity that we remember and care for its only in critical moments, though we fully understand its importance for our health.

As many researches show, for majority of people a work of bio-energetic system is so outside of sensitive perception and it is better to estimate its state with the help of methods of equipment testing.

Our experimental observations with the help of monopulse plasmagraghy method show that defeat of energetics, which is conditioned by presence of heterogenous substation, belongs to men, which are sickly with many diseases. However nobody is assured, and above example demonstrates it obviously.

 Here is one more experiment, which determines an ability of that heterogenous, parasitizing substation to pass from one man (inductor) to other man (recipient). Naturally, the author had a role of recipient in this experiment.



Before starting of experiment I realize control photography of my energetics (photo 17a).

Then we, inductor and I, put in twos fingers on film, and at once I make the second control photography (photo 17b). Here it is good visibly that digits 1 and 3 indicate an imprints of inductor’s finger, and digits 2 and 4 – an imprints of recipient’s fingers. And then fingers remain on such short distance during tow minutes, after that I take a photograph of my fingers (photo 17c).

It isn’t difficult to note that light corona of my fingers (recipient’s) is cardinally exchanged in comparison with initial picture, and not to better side. We see that “phantom” substation “passed” into fingers of recipient, in this result energetics of experimenter cut a sad state. And sense of known proverb “you communicate with someone – and you take up from this one” is filled by enough concrete “energetic” content.

Thus, experiment has obviously demonstrated lability and virulence of this “mysterious newcomer”.

Undoubtedly that it is not single way, on which we can meet such “surprises”. Various household goods can be a carrier of “infection” (information). Of course, it is from magic field, but it is not canceled till… In any cases we must not neglect and not ignore, but on the contrary we must continue experimental research in this direction also.

On our observations today it is possible to mark out circle of people, who are original group of risk. They are “bio-energy therapeutists”, who have appeared no one knows from where, and various healers, gainful “masters” of reiki and other “energetic” directions… This “healers” don’t observe the special precautionary measures and they collect various psycho-energetic infection even they don’t want, know and sense it. And then they smear this infection over society as a mud. Author doesn’t trust to all their admonitions about “firing of black energy” and “deletion of negative information”. All that arouses bitter disappointment. Truly, a road in hell is paved by good intentions!

Moreover specific psycho-emotional mood of many of them, which is conditioned by enough poor stock of unsystematic, superficial knowledge – such short “esoteric erudition” and very high level of self-appraisal – is original psycho-energetic “excitation”, which is bad for them, because it impairs their non-stable energetics.

In this connection I would like to emphasize that now some authors consider a problem of purity of energy-information space more widely as the most actual problem of safety of man’s psychosphere (6).

Here are some dominant moments:

«Psychosphere of man – is inseparable unity of man’s psychics and ambient energy-information space in their permanent interpenetration, interaction and development ».

«Potential source of threats in the field of PPS (psychophysical safety) and SPS (safety of psychosphere) are:

- physical persons, who have natural abilities of catatonic influence on other persons, and the unions of these persons;

- religious and other esoteric and occult groups and organizations;

- any programs for computers;

- generators of physical fields and emanations;

- natural complexes and anthropogenic zones;

-any information-program and audio and videoproducts, which are demonstrated on channels of public use;

- literature and mass media, including using methods of neuro-linguistic programming » (6).

It is difficult to not agree with that, especially if there is experimental confirmation.

In this connection I want to show one more example with some lines from my working diary.

«…We have… we have inclination to all not-our, foreign, it is not eliminated fully -  pathological independence.

We waited this meeting with impatience as a miracle. And here, in our university, where almost each week there are meeting, in the plan of scientific-cognitive seminars, with people, who are not simple interesting, but very non-ordinary. But in this time we wait meeting with right real Indian gooroo (Sanskrit – spiritual mentor, teacher). Because interesting to this meeting was special. Really, Teacher was a woman unexpectedly for me, and I thought that it is a few oddly. Though, on the other hand, and in our education system the majority of teachers, including very good teachers, are women.  And it is normal. So I was astonished wrongly. And nevertheless…

…She entered – and a whole space was magically light up with her charming smile. Big expressive eyes, refined features… And what a reaction! Only you glance at her side – and her fine smile meets you already. Such woman’s beauty can be seen only in Indian cinema. And, of course, only in title role. But her role is far higher. She is gooroo! Really, she (let’s not call her name) has arrived in Alma-Ata as a wife of Indian businessmen. But in the same time she is gooroo – teacher of absolutely new trends – a “dynamic yoga”. Essentially, the name is not important…»

I was astonished and guarded by that new methodic is oriented on the work with upper chakra from beginning omitting all downstream chakras.  And even omitting preparatory stage of purgation be means of hatha-yoga, which is usually obligatory in such systems. In my opinion, such hasty variant of “advancement” can not be a few useful, but on the contrary, it will be destructive for bio-energetic system, it will deform and destroy its integrity and harmonicity. And I was put in doubt…

After finishing of seminar,  at familiarization with the laboratory, using good opportunity, we realized plasmagraphic testing of energy of our guest.



Prognosis, as I have supposed, was fully confirmed. Her energetics was far from harmonicity, but on the contrary  it was very depressed and really needed a help (photo 18a). Of course, we have delicately explained these “small unbalance” and “some overloading” as exchange of climate, food and water, and for elevating of mood of our guest we have realized séance of bio-energetic rehabilitation (photo 18b). And though her energetics was appreciably corrected, one séance of bio-energetic rehabilitation was insufficient: traces and features of heterogenous presence remained nevertheless.


And again (what many times) I have remembered really wise statement of Heinrich Heine: «Only beauty, which I know, is a health ».



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 Translation from S. Zapolskaya




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