2. Registration of energetic flows of fingers of man’s hand

«However if there is something in the world that is better,

than to pass away in spirit of past centuries

and to conclude  from their works

that we are very ahead?»  /Goethe, «Faust»/


Old oriental philosophy has conception about uni-bearing motive force of the Universe. In old Chine culture it is Live energy chi, in old Indian philosophy  it is prana – first-born, vivifying breathing. On the West some researchers call it orgon (Wilhelm Reich). In both cases that universal fundamental Living energy or Living force, which exists as in macrocosmos, so in mircocosmos – in man. According to oriental opinion, harmonic current of energy in man’s organism and balanced its exchange with energy of ambient space are main reason of good health. Moreover in alternative medicine that Living energy is wildly used for treatment of different illness and is panacea in the hands of healers. It can be dread weapon, when it is concentrated in the hands of master of oriental martial art.   However everyone can’t see that Living force. Only selected men can: Indian yogis, Buddhist monks and sensitives, who have this miraculous talent.  All attempts of visualization of flows of this energy (prana) with the help of technical facilities, including the help of kirlian-photography, do not give obvious results. And that fact is the argument for unbelief and negation for orthodox skeptics.

    We want to impart some results of our experimental researches, which were realized with the help of method of monopulse distant plasmagraphy, which gives possibility to fix on photography film emergency of these energetic flows.

 In practice of kirlian-photography, fingers of researched man are put directly to film as rule, and the method is contact. Glow discharge is arisen on finger-tips as a result of excitation by field of high intensity. This discharge is finished by surface discharge, which leaves imprint on the film in the view of light corona. Practice of many researches shows that light corona of fingers has enough full information about a state of bio-energetic system of man, that is the basis of bio-energetic researches.

Some researchers do not penetrate into the essence of physical processes and give name “aura” to light corona of surface discharge. Such interpretation is not fully correct. In esoterics (and here we deal namely with esoteric knowledge) aura is meant as “thin invisible emanation, which flows from men’s and animal’s bodies”, and the word “aura” means “breath of wind” (this is flow) in the translate from  Greek.  Today the term “energetic flows” is used for designation of these comprehensions.

For registration of emergency of energetic flows, which issue from finger-tips, we use untraditional method with application of additional film, which is located in some distance from fingers.



As a whole scheme is classical variant of traditional kirlian-photography and doesn’t need detail description (figure 1). Using of additional film is single but great difference (position 6). This film is located on some distance from finger, near active electrode. In such experiment it’s possible to register energetic emergencies in the view of local light on the second film. And here it’s necessary to emphasize that that light is developed enough originally: firstly, it is developed not always; secondly, it is developed not always on both sides of remote film; and thirdly, it can be developed not under each finger. There is example of such specific emergency at registration of four finger on photo 10.



In the upper part of photo (photo 10a) there is photograph of surface discharge, which is made by traditional method of kirlian-photography. In the middle part and in the low part (photos 10b and 10c) – photographs of light, which are developed on the second remote film, i.e. by the method distant plasmagraphy. In our experiments we use bilateral roentgen film, and so here is indications for remote film: b – for upper side and c – for low side.

Probably, observed emergency of phenomenon is conditioned by light of ionized gas excited by field of high intensity, and specificity of outline is conditioned by structure organization of energetic flows, which issue form fingers. These lights are not always developed in the view of solid amorphous cloud. Frequently we observe miraculous pictures, which are, as it were, projections of different structure-organizing flows (photo 11)



Presence of isolator between fingers and film gives us grounds to say about capacitive coupling, which helps for registration on field level. It follows that namely aura proves on field level as exchanged state of spare structure.

Of course, the term “changed state of spare structure” in this context does not have certain definition and does not give concrete notion what exactly is measured in this sphere of the researched spare. The author assumes that it may be local compressions of gaseous medium caused by resonance with thin vibration of prana flows or, for example, local changes of electric parameters of the same gaseous medium due to electronic emission from the electrode with impact of high tension impulse. Other variants are also possible. Let this question stay open. Now we pay our attention to another aspect. The distant plasmagraphy gives us images of structural emergencies, their huge variety! – which moreover, as we can see, are not without certain harmony.  

Inconstancy of distant emergencies and visual its difference have put some idea to realize photography with the moving, to make temporary scanning and to follow behavior of phenomenon in dynamics. Experiments were realized with application of multi-impulse regime of excitation by groups of 8-16 impulses with recurrence rate 30 and 50 hertz. Effect “cinema” was created by replacement of finger on film or stretching of films.

Below is example of plasmagraphic registration (contact and distant) of emergencies of energetic flows in one of such experiments (photo 12). Digits 1,2,3… indicate sequence of exciting impulse; g and h – is marking of fingers of right hand (forefinger and middle finger).



We see that all pictures of light of surface discharge (traditional contact kirlian-photography) are practically identical (photo 12a). But projections, which were made by method of distant plasmagraphy, are different by pronounced structure difference and instability of its development (photos 12b,12c).

     It seems that that primitive “kirlian cinema” shows us that dynamics of our feelings and emotions becomes apparent more keenly in our aura (in particular, in energetic flows of fingers) than in electric impedance of skin coverlet.


Now we consider another experiment. Its basis is old opinion (also oriental) that human organism has ability to soak in it and to accumulate prana, that is Living energy. Just because of these considerations, centers of yoga and oriental health systems are always located in the place with clear air, sun and water. However western man has nothing against to be recharged by Living energy at any good opportunity, and he tries to carry out his vacation at seaside, in mountains or countryside.

Due to these considerations (and, of course, plus experience of previous researches) there is a question: if phenomenon light, which is registered by method of distant plasmagraphy, is original characteristic of saturation of an organism by Living energy?

Complex experiment was specially realized for that response. Two control groups of men were observed within the bounds of this experiment. These groups were identical on line of work, but were located in different ecological conditions. The first groups contented personnel of city children polyclinic, which is located in city center between main market and bus station. Noise of city traffic and smock of exhaust gas are here permanently and in large quantities. Could say that region is ecological non-satisfactory, especially for a children polyclinic!

The second groups had personnel of children medicine-health-improving center, which is located far from city in a forestland on the bank of purity mountain river.

 Once more we note  that such place is more saturate by prana than city place according to oriental esoteric conceptions.

145 men (71 and 74 on groups) have taken part in that complex experiment, at this on average 40 men have taken part in each observation. Registration was realized simultaneously in two regimes: with using of methods of traditional kirlian-photography and distant plasmagraphy.

Usual estimation of state of energy by integral density of light corona was used for statistical analyze of results, which were got by method of traditional kirlian diagnostics. Frequency of light development was taken as characteristic for regime of distant registration. That frequency is expressed by a ratio of number of developed projections of energetic flows to total quantity of photographed fingers of all participants. At that eight fingers of each participant  were photographed simultaneously (four fingers on each hand, from little finger to forefinger). Experience of our long-term researches shows that it is needed and sufficient minimum for general estimation of a state of bioenergetics. Naturally that stability of technical parameters was definitely maintained in all experiments.

Contrary to our expectation, results of observation by the method of traditional kirlian-photography haven’t discovered great difference in characteristics of energy state in both control groups. Undoubtedly it can be explained by phenomenal ability of men’s organism to adapt to different conditions.

In return results of distant plasmagraphy were pleasantly surprising for us and justified our expectations.

We do not show great volume of all table data here, and we consider finite complex characteristics, which were received after statistical treatment of materials of bio-energetic observations (Table 1).




In the column “city” has complex bio-energetic characteristics for the first control group, which was located in the city, and the column “country” has characteristics of the second control group, which was located outside of city. Data is shows as coefficients. First digits are characteristics of state of energetics, which were received by traditional method (its are connected by dotted line on the diagram of figure 2), second digits are characteristics of distant light (its are connected by  solid line on the diagram).

Two moments attract our attention in these complex characteristics. Firstly, we see that coefficient of distant light in the second group is essentially higher than in the first group; and secondly, that this characteristic is synchronically changed with exchanging of living activity of ambient nature, which is conditioned by change of seasons (spring, summer, autumn). Now it’s possible with bigger certainty to suggest that a human organism can accumulate living energy and that the distant light is certain characteristic of “energetic saturation” of human organism and can become metrological basis for such research in the future.

Finishing familiarization with the method of monopulse distant plasmagraphy, we emphasize one more time that old oriental systems of health pay main attention to work with energetic flows. So, for example, in old Tibet-Chinese system Shou-In flows of Living energy is redistributed in meridians by special methods of fingers crossing, which was polished by long-term practice. It gives treatment-health effect and helps to overtake of spiritual experience. 

Such methods are known in Indian yoga as hastas and mudras. In the beginning hastas and mudras were used in secret teachings of sanctified men: in yoga and in Aurveda. Lately in connection with penetration of the part of this knowledge in temporal society, it was actively used in daily life by many enlightened men. Its action is based on connection and disconnection of energetic channels, which are good known in acupuncture.

For emphasizing of importance of hastas and mudras, and so force of its influence on general state of organism, it is sometimes called as “yoga for hand”.

The word mudra is translated as a seal and means that movement or pose is realized at active participation of spiritual sense. It is suggested that mudra puts a seal on ritual as condition of sacrament. (2).

Now we can better understand sacral sense of friendly handshake and why it is indecently to show on somebody with a finger; and even simple “fig in the pocket” is not so simple. The whole sense is in energetic flows from our fingers, and we can see by means of its “seals”: how mach different energetic flows can be from different fingers of one hand (photo 13).



We want to show this photograph, however as and other, to emphasize a depth of penetration of Old Orient sense in the most secrets of energetics of man, in innermost bosoms. And, of course, to demonstrate new possibilities of kirlian-photography, to attract attention on prospects of bio-energetic and psycho-energetic researches with the help of method of monopulse distant plasmagraphy.


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