1.      Registration of ethereal formation and anomalous emergences


“Let’s begin from simple fact: man always realizes that he isn’t lonely. Stories about contacts with other form of life and higher sense outside of “real world” are thoroughly stored in legends of all nations of the Earth. It’s especially remarkable the statement that we are surrounded with ethereal formations, which can prove in material world by ways unknown to us”. / Jacques Vallee. Parallel world/



“The pupil: Perhaps it’s possible to take a photograph of elementals, as it’s possible to take a photograph of hot air over the stove?

The sage: Anyway I don’t know such cases. But I don’t contend that it’s impossible”.  / Helena P. Blavatskaya/


Now kirlian-photography finds an application in bio-energetic research of man. Majority of researchers traditionally use high-frequency generator and regime of multi-impulse excitation. As a result the derivable imprint  is a sum of pictures, as it were, put one on other, which, in it’s turn, appearances from influence of each impulse individually. That summary picture, as a whole, reflects state of bio-energetic system of human organism fully satisfactorily. However the picture of true initial state of bioenergetics of researched man, presence and dynamics of behavior of thin energetic emergences is destroyed and masked by plenty of exciting impulses, all that is drop out of researcher’s sight.

Here it’s important at once to pay attention to one circumstance. Not only researched object is exposed by high-intensity field, but so and everything that is present here, in zone of active action of that field. And accordingly all that reacts to influence of electric field too. Therefore it is reasonable that after the first influencing impulse, energy-information situation of researched space is exchanged, and each following impulse makes additional changes. It follows that for reflection of bio-energetic situations with the least distortions, that is in state, which is maximum approached to initial state, it’s possible to consider application of regime of single impulse excitation as optimal regime. Moreover it’s necessary to emphasize that mono-impulse regime of kirlian-photography is sparest, and it is doubtless advantage of this regime. And we use the term “plasmagraphy”, because it represents essence of method fully and exactly.


Long-term bio-energetic research of men with different psychic and parapsychic states (every possible healers, sensitives, channelers), which are realized in Kazakh State university and in different medicinal and sanitary institutions of Alma-Ata, have discovered a number of phenomenal energetic emergences. Its are enough different (1), but here we represent only brief review of just several from its.

  1. Plasma structures. Name, of course, is conventional, because nature of its formation isn’t known for us. Actually we deal only with traces, which are reflected on photographic film and remained for us as a fact of some presences, which we conditionally named plasma structure flights.


Sometimes a flight of single plasmoid is registered on the film (photo 1*), in other cases, that occur more frequently, we observe well-ordered groups (photo 2);




Sometimes they (plasmoids) are enough big (photo 3).




as well as more ample, as on brought following example (photo 4).




* All photos (except photo 15) are positive images.




At sufficient enlargement, kernels of plasmoids are good visible, its are enveloped light covering of ionized gas (photo 5).

Primordial version about emergency of casual electrostatic discharges in control experiments has not been confirmed.

All these anomalous energy manifestations (just energy ones since with excitation they radiate energy) speak us of that that in each example near the finger there was something invisible, and this something is impacted by high tension field leaving real traces of its presence on film.


2. There are reasons to suppose that in some cases these plasma structures emit from within, appear in the result of destruction of psycho-energetic matrix of subject and, in point of fact, are fragments of its collapse. It isn’t secret that such men frequently are on the verge of psychic disorder, some of them get in proper medicinal institutions as patients.



Here is concrete example (photo 6). On the left photo – plasmagraph print of finger of channeler, which is in calm state; and on the right – in the moment of “coming in a contact”. We see destroy process of integrity of light corona and appearance of plasmoids.


3. It’s very interesting: registration of thin-material, heterogenous formations (or substances), whose presence is shown in the view of formless alien circuits, some excrescent and bubbles and in other different forms (photo 7).

 Here, perhaps, it’s necessary to explain that plasmagraph of finger, which is located in the center of photography (photo 7b), belongs to women, which is long-term registered in mental dispensary. (Strangely enough, but that fact doesn’t prevent her from healing…) And we see that her energetics is tolerable depressed by presence of heterogenous formations. In the right part (photo 7c) – plasmagraph of author’s finger, which was made after realization of experiments with that lady. Sudden appearance of heterogenous substations in aureole of light of his fingers is undoubtedly conditioned by its transfer in process of relations.  During his long-term experimental researches, the author repeatedly observed such peculiar “psycho-energetic infection”.   



It’s very remarkable that at repeated photography such emergencies aren’t observed as rule. In some cases, probably, its are instantly destroyed from influence of energy of electrical field of the first impulse, creating myriad of scattering plasmoids (photo 8), in other cases its simply disappear completely.



These examples don’t limit difference of heterogenous structures.

Now we can’t say that what it is or who hide behind this phenomenon, but in any case we can ask a question: what its want near fingers, exactly in these places where energetic channels originate and end? Maybe its are parasite on our energetics!?..

And here it’s very appropriate to recall how frequently and thoroughly healers and sensitives shake down their hands during the work with patient. Maybe these invisible parasites catch on their fingers? And if so, that it’s possible to conclude that many talks about “energetic vampirism” isn’t idle fantasy.

4. Group of anomalous emergencies, which are distantly registered on field level. All of its have characteristic: at application of bilateral photography film, its are developed on underside and look like as original, sharply contoured  local spoiling. As rule, that phenomenon become apparent on background of depressed energetics of subject (photo 9).



Here it’s necessary to emphasize two considerable moments.

As photography film has some thickness, that is between fingers and emulsion coating on other side of film there is some distance, that is for all emergencies fixed on this low coating we can say as about distant registration. It is firstly. (We will tell in detail about distant plasmagraphy below).

And, secondly, that is very important! – it is a question of registration of emergencies on field level.

It’s possible to suppose that now there is real outlook of instrumental research of energy-information influences and interactions including some negative emergencies, which are called by people as malefice or hoodoo, and which are still considered as not more than superstitiousness.

Undoubtedly that that phenomenon (photo 9), which becomes apparent on field level, is so conditioned by presence and influence of some invisible, conditionally saying, “phantom” substation.

By the way, there is thinking about that. Probably, many people have known such situation when sensitive says to patient that his, it means patient’s, “channels are stuffed”. Maybe it is a question of that “phantom” substation, which has field conditions? And if it’s so, that at once the second question arises: for what does it need this?..

However, we have said supposition about heterogenous substances, which parasitize on human energetics.


Idea about variety of life forms in the universe isn’t new. Occultists and spiritists of every time and nations have insisted that astral substances are present in ambient space. However, this statement has a solid footing in all religious views. In this case it is necessary to mention that mostly these substances are not amicable toward a human-being. At the beginning of twentieth century Russian philosopher K.E. Tsiolkovskiy have said about live beings of plasma nature. Now academic V.P. Kaznacheev insists that non-biological, field forms of life are present in the nature:

“…Known to us (on the Earth), protein-nucleic structures of living substance (including organism of human-being) are one of many forms of space-planet living substance. Simultaneously, the Earth has its other material forms; and known living part of the biosphere is complicated process of interaction of many forms of the living substance”.

It is quite possible that many chronic (so-called dystrophic, inflammatory and other) processes are result of assumed “symbiosis” change and co-existence of different forms of the living substance”.

“What are other forms of the living substance, which co-exist with protein-nucleic cellular and non-cellular organisms? What method of observation or experiment may help to find answers to these questions?”. (2)

 There are many examples of such suppositions. And here are photographs… So maybe, its have traces of  emergencies of these “different forms of life”?..

However, irrespective of the fact that these formations may be alien (with exogenous nature) or only some products of our organism vital functions, ultimately the result is one and it is very unfavorable -  depression of energetic system!..

Of course, now there are more doubts than unambiguity, it must be thoroughly researched and learned – it’s at hand to argue, to reject, to prove.  But now it’s clear: method of monopulse plasmagraphy gives uncial possibility to reach deeply in invisible world of thin, galloping energetic processes, literally to highlight many and different its “inhabitants” and traces of its emergencies, opens new passing in bio-energetic research of man.


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